Multimedia Storytelling

A few selections of multimedia journalism work — from social media to photography to video.


AJ+ Twitter

  • I was a leader in establishing the smart, pithy, and sometimes humorous social media voice for AJ+ that millions of followers come to expect. I followed breaking news updates, including live tweeting breaking news from Syria to mass shootings to the 2016 election. I fostered an engaging voice (including GIF reactions and info-gifs) to news that is relevant to a progressive, millennial audience interested in social empowerment.

AJ+: Where #ImFrom

  • This project epitomized what social engagement means to AJ+’s woke, diverse millennial audience. It started as a question on Twitter asking our audience how they respond to the question, “Where are you from?” We received thousands of insightful responses, some of which I pursued and shaped into compelling personal essays.

Live blog: Smarter Balanced results 

  • One example of my use of live blogs for EdSource, a nonprofit organization covering education news in California and beyond, surrounding the event of the release of Smarter Balanced results. Prior to my arrival, EdSource had never done live blogs.
  • The live blog was comprehensive, featuring EdSource articles, content from various other organizations, social media responses, and more. I generated anticipation toward the release date of the Smarter Balanced exam results in part by creating a “#CommonCore Countdown” GIF (see below).

#CommonCore Countdown on EdSource Twitter page

  • I targeted parents, teachers and students (not particularly policy makers – EdSource’s primary audience) with the #CommonCore Countdown GIF. The #CommonCore hashtag is very popular on Twitter.

EdSource Twitter

  • As EdSource’s first social media manager, I developed its social media plan, among other digital initiatives. The audience here is sightly different and more varied than our website audience. The tone is still knowledgeable, as readers expect from EdSource stories, but overall more casual and pithy here. Use of quote graphics when appropriate.

EdSource Facebook

  • Paid promo has been particularly effective on Facebook for EdSource, and we saw a much more engaged discussion moving onto the platform, with readers asking informed questions on reporters’ articles.


AJ+ History of Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

  • I wrote the script and did the voiceover for an animated short on the history of red envelopes of Chinese New Year.

Stop Motion: What Are California Schools Teaching About Sexual Health? 

  • Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a law that will make sexual education mandatory for students in grades 7 through 12. Here’s what lead up to the law and how it’s being implemented in the classroom.
  • I wrote, produced and edited this stop-motion video on a low budget.

CA High School Exit Exam (EdSource)

  • We focused on Telesis Radford because she was a prime example of a bright, eloquent young person whose future was in limbo because of failing one exam. We followed her both at her school and at home. I decided to edit the photos in black and white to further reflect the uniform mood of the day, emphasizing what obtaining a high school diploma would mean.

AJ+ Chinese Paper Cutting


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  • I produced this time-lapse video on Chinese paper cutting for Chinese New Year.

iPhonenography (

  • This slideshow focused on the intersection of tech and travel, with tips on how to shoot amazing photos with your smartphone. I interviewed leading photographers in the field and featured their work in a slideshow.

Personal blog

  • Includes photography from travel and everyday life.


“Parachute Kids”

  • I reported on this story about “parachute kids,” underage students mainly from China and Taiwan who come to the U.S. to study without their parents. I focused on the growing number in public schools and their unique set of issues and circumstances. The game helps put people in the shoes of a parachute kid, and is an extension of the article.